she shapes the city

Sapna Chandaria ~ Co Founder of UP Magazine

“We wanted to bring these values of design thinking to Nairobi….Nairobi’s growth has been random, put it that way! You… want there to be more thought into the growth of this city, just look at the slums. The slums have just been allowed to grow there. In a more innovative, entrepreneurial way we  could have created jobs. So much could have happened and yet they don’t have access to water, they don’t have access to sanitation.”

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Sapna comes from a highly successful entrepreneurial family but left the family business to cut her own path. Driven to tell positive stories about Nairobi she launched UP (Urban Perspective) magazine which celebrates the best that the city had to offer. Now going for 5 years UP, founded with her husband Rand, has developed into 360 experience with a print publication, online content and events where the pages of UP are “brought to life.” The latest adventure for the couple is the launch of the DXD (Disruption by Design) Awards, they want to “disrupt the problems Kenya already faces and use design to find solutions”. Ultimately Sapna would like to see herself bought out by young Kenyans keen to take the company forward to its next evolution.