Destination AARhus


We are proud to announce Destination AARhus as our featured partner!

Destination AARhus is a community for IT-talent from all around the globe exploring the unique opportunity of building an IT career in the vicinity of Aarhus. Like us they want to shine a light on Aarhus and its opportunities. Destination AARhus also shares our mission of celebrating women change makers and is keen to promote female technologists from within IT, software engineering and technology as well as the sciences.

A few fun facts that they celebrate about Aarhus (and more widely Denmark).

#1 Denmark Offers Best Quality of Life in the World! That’s according to the 2017 Social Progress Index which defines ‘social progress’ as the capacity of a society to establish the building blocks that allow citizens and communities to enhance and sustain the quality of their lives. Denmark has a 37 hour paid working week, flexible working conditions and 5 weeks of holiday.

#2 Denmark has the 2nd highest wages in engineering in the world

#3 Denmark is one of the strongest engineering nations in the world. The cherry on the top is that Aarhus has one of the most innovative environments when it comes to Software & IT-engineering.