she shapes the city

Malene Guldager ~ Artist



Malene is a product of Greenland inspired by nature & folklore both from her Greenlandic heritage. This culture forms the backbone for her art and her work with Aarhus’ most vulnerable citizens, those that have fallen out of the system and are struggling to find their path.

Malene says that her art is instinctive. Just as the salmon from Greenland’s streams and rivers are drawn to swim back to where they were hatched so is she compelled to create, whatever her mood be it irritated or serene. What remains constant is the focus that her art gives her, the ability to leave everything else behind in the moment of creation. It is the “free space” that she hopes to offer her student a place that they can leave whatever struggles and challenges they face and to express themselves with no judgment.

The balance she has found and the lessons that she teaches have not been easily won. Malene grew up in a home which was marked by alcoholism and violence. The impacts of this has been dealt with through therapy and time. Now she hopes for the same relief for those that attend her classes.

Aarhus despite its forests and sealine remains a big city to someone who grew up with the luxury of wide open nature and quiet.  Once she gets home she has a view as far as the eye can see. Though Malene loves the city a calm descends when she leaves work, watches the train door shut and winds her way home to rural Ulstrup.