she shapes the city

Kristine Jensen ~ Landscape Architect

Kristine shapes landscapes, not Aarhus’s architecture but the spaces around and between. As a landscape architect her prestigious projects have ranged from the city harbour’s embrace of the watery horizon around Dokk1 to the ancient forest and fields wrapping around the renown Mosegaard museum.

Trained at the prestigious Aarhus school of Architecture Kristine stands on the shoulders of Denmark’s design giants. When asked why it is that Danes do design so well Kristine has 2 theories. The first is that Danish designers seek to accommodate their architecture to fit with its surroundings not to compete with its setting or compel attention. These buildings and their surrounding terrain are developed to have a dialogue with those that use them. They do not patronize and overwhelm but attempt to convey harmony. The second element is efficiency, Danes like things to be effective and useful with no superfluous elements, when mixed with warmth and humour this efficiency lends itself to great design.

Kristine believes that cities function best when they are a work in progress, combining the old and the new symbiotically from one generation to the next. For this city shaper her work is only the beginning of the story, she then steps back to wait for the next minds to reimagine and remould the landscape anew.

Have a listen to Kristine chatting about her work.