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Caroline Mutoko ~ Solar’s “Radio Queen”

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Caroline is known as the “Radio Queen” in Kenya, a household name, she has presented flagship shows on both of the Capital’s top radio stations. She is now COO of the Radio Africa Group which encompasses 5 stations, a TV channel and a newspaper. Carol is working hard to ensure that radio remains relevant to Kenyans who now get their news via whatsapp and listen to their music on their mobiles rather than their favourite radio DJ.

Caroline has used her wide reaching audience to mobilise support for important national issues “with a platform comes mandate and privilege comes with a lot of responsibility”. Becoming a mother 5 years ago made her evaluate the future that she will leave behind for her daughter, this has led Caroline to focus on issues of wildlife conservation and sustainability. A commitment to solar energy began as a cost cutting practicality for her new home but Caroline also sees clean power as an important legacy for future Kenyans. She wants her generation to be the first to take up renewable energy.

Caroline believes that change is created by one proactive individual at a time and Kenyans should start by greening their own home and not wait around for government intervention. For Caroline it’s simple.

“you need to start, and when you start (there will be) a groundswell of the people that understand what it takes for us all to get behind renewable energy… to get behind conserving this country, this planet! …. and I think if every mother did the same, that’s 41 million Kenyans, we should have a good movement going on!”

Caroline wears a Kiko Romeo dress, Le Collane di Betta earrings, and umbrella by Tengevuli.




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