Meet the team

Cynara pic

Cynara from Kenya is leading #SheShapesAarhus. She has spent the last 10 years telling multimedia stories about, and for, different communities in Africa. She has worked for the BBC, Al Jazeera and CCTV Africa amongst other media organisations.


Marie pic

Marie from Denmark is our audio journalist and freelances as a radio journalist for DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation). Born and bred in Aarhus Marie is interested in experimenting with radio and podcast formats and excited to do something creative with the audio pieces for each featured woman.


Kristina pic

Kristina from Germany is our photographer. Kristina is an experienced photographer and is currently on the prestigious international photography program at DMJX. Kristina will be coming up with the visual theme and look for project and will be taking the portraits of the women


Elis pic

Elisangela, a journalist and digital marketing professional from Brazil, leads the approach for partnerships with brands and businesses through creative content as well as the PR. Elis has the valuable experience of having worked with newspapers, publishers, production companies, brands and marketing agencies in Brazil to create great media content.


Svanlaug from Iceland and is our Social Media strategist. She leads our digital campaign and promotion for the project. Svanlaug worked as a digital communications manager at Aarhus 2017 and now works with digital marketing for a startup in Aarhus and is well linked into the community and conversations happening online in Aarhus.