she shapes the city

Nina Bargisen ~ Techie

 Nina Bargisen is an architect of a virtual landscape. Though born, bred and based in Aarhus her focus is on the global connections of the world wide web. Spending the lonely hours staring into the computer screen is part of the experience of working and connecting with what she calls ” this amazing thing called the internet”.

For Nina those who work to build the capacity and capability of the internet form a community and one that is based on more than commercial profits. It is an international community of 200 to 300 people, engineers that are running the big routers which consist of the internet backbone they are the individuals ensuring the connections between the different IP networks. Within this group relationships are strong and whatever your skill set and affiliation the space is open for your voice to be heard.

Working as a Network Strategy Manager for Netflix Nina is working at the forefront of how our entertainment is changing from Cinemas and movies to cult tv series and personal device screens. It is unchartered territory which requires courage and adaptability and a bit of a thick skin. No one can train you for the job as it is evolving from day to day. She is working ensuring that the content gets to the end users, it is the nuts and bolts of the system.

It can often seem like a man’s world filled. Nina tells stories of networking events where big companies have provided strippers as entertainment, not always the most comfortable environment for a woman. Despite these occasional crunch points she is passionate about what she does and the city that she does it from.

Every morning Nina gets up and jumps into the sea to wake up before her first cup of coffee and hours spent time communicating with international partners . She shapes Aarhus but also the experience of netizens around the world.

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Nina was nominated by Destination AARhus our featured partner. Like us they want to shine a light on Aarhus and its opportunities. Destination AARhus also shares our mission of celebrating women change makers and is keen to promote female technologists from within IT, software engineering and technology as well as the sciences.