Nairobi is a bustling and rapidly changing metropolis. Covered in both grit and greenery, nobody can deny that it is an African city set to fast forward. Much of this change taking place is being led by women.

She Shapes The City was co-founded  by Mia Collis and Cynara Vetch and celebrates women in Nairobi. We are joined by a growing team of phenomenal women from the city. She Shapes The City presents real Nairobi women; intellectuals, creatives, entrepreneurs, volunteers, wage earners. What they share in common is that each is making a difference to this city.

We know these ladies are only a small snapshot of the fantastic people and stories for this city. We want to know from you, who are the women that are shaping Nairobi where you are? Please email us at sheshapesthecity@gmail.com

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  1. joseph lelenguya

    I am naomi, wow! am so o happy to see am part of she shapes the city initiative. my heart felt appreciation to GIZ and all those who made this a success… Bravo!


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