she shapes the city

Muthoni Ndonga ~ Musician & Entrepreneur

 “Everything we hoped to achieve , we achieved… To build a movement around live music,  to create a co -created environment between people who genuinely love music and people who love to create and share music. To put Nairobi on the map.”

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Muthoni is a woman who wears many hats; drummer, rapper, singer, entrepreneur but all revolve around a love for music. With her traditional 6 piece set of Ohlanga drums Muthoni makes a dramatic statement on stage but mixes the Luo instrument with modern patterns and strong rap lyrics. This musician set up her own music event named Blankets & Wine in response to limitations with the club and live music space in Nairobi. The event exploded and has become the benchmark for live music in the city.

Not content with the status quo Muthoni is looking for new innovative forms of distribution for her music, African solutions to bridge the gaps in the region’s music industry.  Now Muthoni is looking to collaborate with visual artists and clothes designers who “work to make music come alive”, she continues to push the boundaries of Kenya’s music scene. 


Wearing ~ Kapoeta Designs