she shapes the city

Lornah Kiplagat ~ World Champion Athlete

“What I would like to see growing is the lifestyle in Nairobi …. I think we can do so much together. Too many people should get fitter and I think I can have an impact…that’s what I’d like to see “

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Lornah is an elite athlete, a long distance runner winning multiple world records and 3 time Olympian. Lornah begun her career when there were few women competing professionally and carved out a path for girls to follow after her. Whilst starting her career she set up a training school for girls in Iten and says that today the situation is vastly different  “here in Kenya things can change very quickly … within years… In the 90’s you would find 2 girls going to World Championship, now …it’s even more girls than boys. It can be very difficult but if you go with it, with persistence, the community accepts very quickly”.

Lornah is now turning her attention to those without medal winning talents and hopes to create a culture of fitness in Nairobi. Combining her years of practical experience of using sports equipment, with a Kenyan eye for colour, she has set up the first sportswear brand created by a female African athlete. She also organizes runs and exercise classes for the public which are attended by Kenya’s professional runners.


Lornah is wearing her sportswear brand Lornah